Mars, planet of energy and dynamism is in the Gandanta zone between water and fire zodiacal signs and nakshatras from July 15th to 25th.

Cancer and Leo, and Ashlesha and Magha, are sharply contrasting energies, and any planet moving through this ‘knot-end’ feels a sense of adjustment, with a fated and unsupported quality. Mars is not comfortable in Cancer, so the first half of this period may find you out of sorts and reticent to assert yourself, unless the mood is upon you.

The trick is to strike the right balance, and not become over-reactive and unpredictable if your back is to the wall. Keeping the brakes on completely goes against Mars’s natural instincts, but edging slowly into a new field plays it smart, and stretches you in a positive way.

Mars in Ashlesha, the Serpent Nakshatra, is also very aware of undercurrents in people and atmospheres, and you may use subtle psychological tactics when you go on the offensive. Moving through the liminal Gandanta zone itself is like a no-man’s-land before Mars emerges in showy, flamboyant Leo-Magha, demanding praise and attention.

You become the knight in armour, crusading for yourself, your loved ones and a grand noble cause. Again, the issue is of achieving some energetic poise, and you may go too far in demanding recognition – pushing a new ambition may not be advisable as you feel on unfamiliar turf.

Test the water and wait until you know a friendly environment ‘has your back’. Mars also moves closely alongside Venus, planet of relationship, through this passage, so be mindful of impulsiveness in your personal life, and be prepared for some romantic attention when you least expect.

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