One of the primary mediums through which we create karma is through our hands (actions). Our entire birth chart is reflected on our hands, which is why Astrology and Palmistry are deeply connected.

The fingers, excluding the thumb, represent the 12 zodiac signs (Rashis):

Each finger is divided into 3 parts

  • The first part of the index finger represents Aries, the second part Taurus, and the third part Gemini.
  • The first part of the ring finger represents Cancer, the second part Leo, and the third part Virgo.
  • The first part of the little finger represents Libra, the second part Scorpio, and the third part Sagittarius.
  • The first part of the middle finger represents Capricorn, the second part Aquarius, and the third part Pisces.

How to use this?

You can honor the planets by touching the signs in which they are placed and chanting the mantra of the planet.

For example, you have the Sun in Aries, you can touch the first part of your index finger with the thumb of your right hand while chanting your personal Surya mantra.

Similarly, based on the positions of other planets in your birth chart and their corresponding positions on your fingers, you can touch the appropriate part of the finger with the thumb of your right hand. This practice helps honor, align with, and worship that particular planet through mudras, breathwork, and chanting.

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