We are excited to announce a new (and amazing ;)) update to the planner section of your align27 app!

This robust astrology planner on align27 is a comprehensive and unique designed to provide you with even more valuable insights to navigate each and every day.

What’s New in the Planner?

Enhanced Calendar View:

  • Crown Days: Find out when you’re at your peak with special Crown Days.
  • Full Moon and New Moon Days: Stay in tune with lunar phases directly in your calendar.
  • Moon 2.5 (Chandrashtama Days): Know when challenging Moon 2.5 days occur for you for better preparation.
  • Special Astrology Events: Get alerts on significant astrological events happening each day and click through to associated rituals you can do to align.
  • Good Day For: Discover activities that are best for you to do on this day!

This latest update transforms our planner into a more powerful and insightful tool. With it, you can now organize your days, weeks, and months while gaining a comprehensive understanding of how astrological events could impact your life.

Why You’ll Love It

With these new features, you’ll have everything you need to make the most out of each day. Whether it’s understanding the energy of the day, knowing your most powerful moments, or being aware of significant astrological occurrences, our new planner is here to guide you.

Get Started Today:

Open your align27 app and navigate to the planner section. Explore the new features and see how they can enhance your daily planning.

Thank you for being a valued member of the align27 family. We are committed to continuously improving your experience with our app

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