Mercury, planet of thought, is retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio from December 13th 2023 to January 2nd 2024.

This transit gives you the classic Mercury retro dynamic to take advantage of a past opportunity, where second thoughts prove best. You can jump aboard if you missed the boat in a situation before, and may even get a better outcome than expected.

Expect a delay in your communication, however, even when you know news or perhaps money is coming to you, and you have to manage without for longer than expected.

Mercury mainly in a Jupiter-ruled sign may be a time to rethink your travel and study plans, and you have optimism and tolerance to go with this planet’s usual attention to detail. Broadminded Jupiter also gazes at Mercury until January 28th, which gives you a taste for the philosophical and your academic work has a clear and original quality.

You can re-think and edit your writing, and get it all down in presentable form, and a small message or idea may turn into a fully-formed piece of work. Studying a subject leads you all the way into a new speciality, but do remember to back up your data.

December 19th may see good news from the past arrive unexpectedly, or is simply a time for a meeting and a laugh with an old friend. Don’t be afraid to defer judgement, even if an offer appears too good to miss: details usually emerge after the end of a retrograde period that you couldn’t have known at the outset.

December 27th-28th sees you re-committing to an idea, but don’t be too impulsive – you have time to get your choices right.

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