Venus, planet of art and relationships, enters Anuradha in the sign of
Scorpio on December 13th until 24th.

Anuradha is a nakashatra associated with friendship and a collective business style, where you can create alliances and collaborations in a win-win approach. Its symbol is a Triumphal Arch, so the emphasis is very much on success, though your experience revolves around shared goals and making a team all pull the same way.

Anuradha is at the heart of zodiacal Scorpio and features a gut-level style of relating, where passions run deep. Venus operates here by instinct rather than social manners, so this is an important departure where you come down strongly one way or the other in black and white terms – there is also the prospect of suspicion or jealousy, which needs careful handling. This takes responsibility and patience on your part, though with promise of ultimate satisfaction.

Keep your collaborations fair and apply an even hand to competing factions – the suggestion of favouritism can be rather toxic and make repercussions which can be avoided. Anuradha’s Shakti, or unique gift, is the ‘Power of Devotion’, so you can channel your intense feelings into a love relationship and bring about a real transformation in your partner. Yet your friendly Venusian instincts must be highly tuned and alive to the possibility of misunderstanding.

Anuradha gives a restless heart and if your prospects close to home are too limiting, you seek opportunities further afield, wandering in your career even on a half-promise or speculative venture. This transit coincides with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on December 14th, where it pays to give yourself some cool-off time before giving or receiving a romantic proposition.

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