Jupiter, planet of faith and expansion, moves into Shatabhishak pada two from January 18th to February 2nd 2022, the nakshatra inside Aquarius which associates with healing, mysticism and independent spirit.

This nakshatra’s symbol is a mystical circle or horizon, which suggests both containment and infinity, and your mission now is to find a middle way between these extremes. Pada two of this asterism relates to Capricorn navamsha, the underlying marriage and spirituality chart, so there is a double Saturn-ruled flavour to this transit.

Shatabhishak’s link with invisible boundaries and occult and mysterious elements of life is filtered through pragmatic Capricorn concerns, and you try to find the best of both. An excessively cautious approach is at odds with Jupiter’s freedom-loving and expansive nature, and may see you consolidating your gains or following a risk-averse strategy.

There may be too high a price to pay to get in at the start of a business, or an age or experience limitation which you can’t currently get around. Still, the long-term investment may be worth it, and you can create both your own luck and eventually your own exclusive club.

You may also dive into your reading and higher education, speculate on the meaning of life, or immerse yourself in the waters of meditation, but always with an end-goal in mind. Shatabhishak’s Shakti is ‘To Heal’, and its name translates literally to ‘one hundred physicians’, so as well as pure knowledge, you have practical skills to help people and make them feel better.

You can take up a new diet or explore an exotic wellness regime, and may find a treatment or lifestyle for a long-standing ailment.

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