Venus, planet of relationship, is in Mrigashira, the nakshatra spanning the signs of Taurus and Gemini from July 7th to 18th 2022.

In myth, Mrigashira’s symbol the Deer is depicted being pursued across the skies by Brahma the Creator, and likewise you are driven by desire and the thrill of the chase. Even in this nakshatra’s strong and stable earthy Taurus portion, Venus gives your romantic life a restless streak where you pursue goals for their own sake without thinking of your overall direction.

This asterism is ruled by the Moon, the fastest moving star, which represents your inner life and ever-changing mood, so both yours and your partner’s affections may be fickle and ever-changing. Like the Moon and also like a deer, Mrigashira’s nature is soft and timid, but you still sense unexplored possibilities and are reluctant to commit when there is bigger promise around the corner.

Or you seek a romantic conquest and simply love to flirt, but your sense now of the hunt is difficult to satisfy, and you unconsciously invite others to chase after you. This asterism’s Shakti, or special power, is to ‘Give Fulfilment’, so there is ultimate success and satisfaction to be found when you settle down and love the one you are with.

This applies to your work life and creativity too, where you start a job or artistic project with a goal in mind, only for your focus to wane when other ideas arise.

Up to July 13th, Venus is trapped between the fiery influences of Sun and Mars, and your intentions may easily be misunderstood, so be careful of giving mixed romantic signals – use all your charm and diplomacy to make yourself clear.

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