Venus, planet of relationship and values, comes together with shadowy, rebellious Rahu in Aries from March 13th to April 6th 2023.

Venus in Aries has a passionate and immediate approach in love, where you are open and demonstrative about your needs. Your direct line in any romantic negotiation can be refreshing if people are left in no doubt as to your intentions, though your partner may also feel their side of the picture is overlooked.

Venus-Rahu sees you venturing further into romantic left-field, where you are attracted to somebody outside your usual type, perhaps a mysterious or even dangerous character. In a long-term relationship, you feel the urge to break through regular boundaries and find greater freedom and stimulation.

Traditional old-world values may be put to one side as the temptation arises to risk everything for a moment of excitement – especially in the early part of this transit in impulsive Aries-Ashwini.

You are driven by desire itself and a sudden attraction also has an obsessive quality, where you think about somebody too much, yet are still left wanting more and more.

Separate the truth from escapism, otherwise you construct a romantic fantasy and your mind plays tricks, to the point of mental torture, especially as this transit peaks from March 20th to 23rd. Channelling this transit into self-expression and creativity is a useful and potentially therapeutic way through, and you turn darker themes into striking and original artwork.

Venus and Rahu also receive the influence of cool, sensible Saturn through this whole transit, which may take the edge off its more reckless romantic side.

Coming through a test of temptation is a lesson learned and you strike a balance between keeping a relationship lively and making sure you stay on track together.

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