The Sun, planet of Self and leadership, is in Pushya from July 20th to August 3rd, the nakshatra inside the zodiacal sign of Cancer, which boosts all matters connected with family and security.

Pushya is a fortunate and life-sustaining energy for most purposes, where you feel supported and your ideas are taken up at a higher level. Its presiding devata, Brihaspati, emphasizes Pushya’s questing side, and is also where Jupiter-Guru finds its highest exaltation, so you have a constant gaze on the bigger picture and an almost naive belief in fair play.

Pushya’s Shakti, ‘the power to create spiritual energy’, gives the Sun an extra affinity here and lends you inner strength and charisma, where you can create your own following. You either investigate different spiritual philosophies or make your own path with an emphasis on caring and nurturing.

Pushya’s symbol, the cow’s Udder, shows you providing security, where the Sun’s natural generosity expands and brings good fortune. Pride and ego is wrapped up in the place the Sun travels, but you can also shine a light on hidden areas, and embark on a heroic journey which breaks through obstacles and proves your soul worth.

This may happen in your home or a dedicated caring environment like a hospital, hotel or retreat – or else you share your sympathetic and understanding nature wherever you happen to be. You may be stretched and tested at work now, so keep within your budget and don’t be drawn into a conflict with others who have their own agenda.

The Sun also receives the influence of expansive Jupiter through this transit, which adds to your philosophical outlook and sees an excellent period for making long-term plans. 

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