Jupiter, the planet of protection and expansion, is in pada (part) one of Krittika, in the sign of Aries, from April 16th to May 1st, 2024.

Krittika is represented by a Flame or Razor and its ruling deity Agni is the personification of sacred fire. Pada four of this asterism relates to Sagittarius navamsa, the subtle chart of marriage and underlying strength, which gives Jupiter an affinity and power of belief.

You have faith and spiritual intelligence, and the whole experience of Jupiter’s transit in its friend’s sign Aries so far comes together and allows you to make smart decisions. You are confident and decisive and may find a tailor-made teaching or advisory role where you know spontaneously how to work.

This nakshatra’s Shakti, or special power is ‘To Burn’, in the sense of consuming waste and negativity, which you use in a wise and measured way. Even if a purge is necessary to lighten your material or emotional load, you come out ahead in the end, with a positive and decisive doubly Jupiter-ruled attitude.

Wait until after April 26th to commit yourself finally, however. You are an observer and philosopher and apply lessons learned to future times and life situations. Krittika’s association with cooking and digestive fire may be applied to ‘mind food’ here, where you consume information to sustain your sense of purpose.

Jupiter is under the influence of sober, serious Saturn through this whole transit, and it’s as well to keep some energy in reserve. An unexpected deal may seem like a one-time-only offer, but if it is all it promises, you have time to get your pitch exactly right.

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