Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, is in Bharani pada four, from April 1st to 16th 2024. This transit sees Jupiter approaching the end of its passage in Aries, and your accumulated good fortune of the last months comes to fulfilment.

Take advantage of any offer which arrives unexpectedly and don’t miss out on a sudden chance that may not arrive again soon.

Which aspects of your life will Jupiter impact during this transit?

The double Mars-ruled nature of this pada gives you the courage to break down boundaries your quest for knowledge takes on new intensity.  The fourth nakshatra of any pada is also naturally associated with the Moksha quality, or Liberation, where all your experience comes together and you escape mundane limitations. This may come through your own practice, or the influence of a positive guru or guide.

Jupiter moves alongside analytical Mercury up to April 9th, and you broaden your search for purpose and meaning. This is an excellent time for education and finding new credentials, where you can see the big picture and also pin down the fine details.

The influence of tough, worldly Saturn on Jupiter through this whole transit, also keeps you honest in search of your goals. A sense of adventure leads you to embark on a daring new project, which you balance with real-world responsibilities and consider how to implement changes for the long term.

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