Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is in Purva Phalguni from August 28th to September 29th, the nakshatra symbolized by a swinging Hammock.

Purva’s relaxed nature is more concerned with pure pleasure and affection than a bold statement of opinion, but you have definite views about issues and prefer to remain independent-minded. You indulge yourself and like to have fun, but also know when to snap into focus.

This extended transit includes Mercury’s retrograde phase up to September 15th, where you are re-thinking plans and ideas, and can research information and upcoming business. Mercury was in Purva through the first half of August, and you may be reconsidering an introduction from that time, or deciding whether to make a proper connection.

You are on the lookout for fun and stimulation, though this can lead you to be restless and easily distracted, to the point where you end up leaving a task unfinished. This asterism’s ruling deity, Aryaman, is invoked at the time of marriage, which suggests an interest in partnership and sees you flirting and playing mental games.

The Shakti, or unique gift, here is also for ‘Procreation’, though Mercury’s style is more of a shared rapport and idealised friendship than a passionate love affair. This transit coincides with romantic Venus also going retrograde up to September 4th, where you get a double-dose of a friend or contact returning from the past.

A fated quality comes with this kind of encounter, and you get a chance to fix unfinished business and do the right thing you missed out on before.

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