A Tip for Each Month to Enhance Your Life

It feels like just yesterday we welcomed 2024, yet here we are, halfway through the year already!

Whether you’ve been diligently chipping away at your New Year’s resolutions, or they’ve slipped away after January 2nd, remember—it’s perfectly fine, there’s still time to get your life back on track.

Each moment presents a fresh opportunity to connect with cosmic rhythms and the planetary energies, and chart a course for personal growth and learning.

Let’s be gentle with ourselves and explore how we can enrich our lives in the next 6 months to come.

Here are 6 tips to align yourself with the cosmos in the coming 6 months:

1. Prepare for the Retrogrades

Mercury retrograde usually makes the headlines, but many other planets go retrograde throughout the year and are as impactful as Mercury, they just don’t have the same PR ;).

Mercury Retrograde in Leo – Aug 5, 2024 to Aug 28, 2024
Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus – Oct 9, 2024 to Feb 4, 2025
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
– Nov 26, 2024 to Dec 15, 2024
Mars Retrograde in Cancer
– Dec 6, 2024 to Feb 24, 2025

Retrogrades are a chance for us to slow down and reflect. They signify a time for us to renew, reassess and reimagine in the areas of our life ruled by that planet.

2. Improve your Sleep

Have you maintained your early bedtime and morning routines this year? Modern distractions like busy schedules, Netflix, and social media often disrupt sleep, impacting motivation and well-being.

In Vedic astrology, the 12th house represents sleep and regeneration. Negative influences here can lead to loss of sleep and loss of resources.

Vedic astrology teaches us that the placement of the Moon can reveal a lot about our sleeping habits and mental patterns. By understanding the Moon’s influence on our minds, we can tap into personalized sleep rituals that are specific to our individual birth charts.

But did you know that there’s an ancient seer who protects our minds and sleep? In the Personalized Sleep Rituals section of the align27 app, you can learn more about this mystical figure and discover how to connect with them for a truly restful night’s sleep.

Explore general sleep rituals that benefit everyone, regardless of birth chart, here

Discover personalized tips for each Vedic sign to enhance your sleep, here

3. Chant The Mother of Mantras

Mantras are universal sound frequencies that heal and harmonize body, mind, and soul. Each mantra embodies the energy of specific deities representing natural forces. By chanting a mantra aligned with your birth chart and current planetary transits, which you can find in the Rituals section of align27, you invoke and harness that energy in your life.

However, if you don’t have the time to do all the mantra chanting suggested, or you’re just not a mantra chanting type of person – then there is one mantra which is like the mother of all mantras and takes just a couple of minutes to chant 108 times. That mantra is ‘Aum Namah Shivaya’.

Aum is the primordial sound of creation, Na is earth, Ma is water, Shi is fire, Va is wind or air and Ya is space or sky, so this mantra contains all the elements that exist in creation. You can chant it at any time to balance any challenging planetary effects and also to help with negative thinking, insecurities, bad luck and if doubts arise in the mind.

Continual japa or chanting of this mantra can be transformational and aid in turning around any potential obstacles you may face in the next six months. At the very least you can do this with your full intention 108 times each Monday, which is Lord Shiva’s day.

4. Plan Plan and Plan Some More

Have you experienced days in the past 6 months where you struggled to get out of bed and you felt like you needed a fork-lift truck to hoist you out of bed? And other days when you felt positive and accomplished tasks effortlessly?

Planetary transits affect us constantly. For example, when the Moon transits the 8th House from your Ascendant or Moon, it can lead to mental turbulence, making focus and productivity challenging. On the flip side, when the Moon aligns with your Yogi Point—a position associated with prosperity—you may experience added blessings and luck.

align27 calculates your birth chart and gives you insights based on these planetary influences. Use Green Days and Golden Productive Moments for important tasks, and reserve Red Days and Silence Moments for reflection and meditation. Use Crown Days for important decisions and activities for optimal astro-aligned success and achievements.

Aligning with these cosmic rhythms can optimize your daily activities and enhance overall well-being. Try following this approach for a month to see its positive impact firsthand.

You can see all of this on your personalized cosmic calendar on the align27 app.

5. Set Intentions and Adjust

Take some time to revisit your 2024 goals and ambitions. Reflect on the challenges you’ve faced and celebrate the progress you’ve already made. Remember, goals should evolve – you may not always know what’s best for you, and something even better could be on the horizon.

Embrace the natural rhythms of cosmic energies over the next six months to allow for continuous growth and to help you to effectively manifest your goals.

You can use the align27 app to help you set and monitor your personal and professional intentions aligned with favorable astrological conditions. Regularly review your progress and make adjustments as needed to stay aligns.

You can also use personalized Rituals which are based on your own birth chart to enhance your daily routines and to also combat difficult or stagnant periods.

6. Vastufy your Living Space

Planetary and solar energies, along with directional forces and the five elements—earth, water, air, fire, and space— influence our living spaces. In the ancient science of Vastu, aligning your home with these natural forces brings harmony and enhances connections to luck, prosperity, and success.

Why not dedicate a month to harmonizing your home with Vastu principles? Simply input your house’s floor plan into the our Vastu app called vastufy to receive customized recommendations that improve your Vastu score and align your home with beneficial energies.

Did you know for example each direction corresponds to specific colors associated with its governing element? Vastufy provides insights on using these colors to amplify positive energy in each room.

Additionally, it offers guidance on furniture placement, recommended fragrances, and music selections to balance energy and create a harmonious living environment.

Following these tips will help you harness the power of astrology with align27 for a purposeful and transformative next six months.

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