Jupiter Combust (in Aries) ~ Learn to become a master

Jupiter, planet of faith and expansion, moves closely alongside the Sun from April 22nd to 27th.

This transit is the same conjunction as that in Pisces of April 12th, except Jupiter is no longer in its own sign, and the Sun in Aries now is in its exaltation. These are two great planetary friends and an auspicious pairing, except this conjunction has Jupiter playing the junior partner, especially as it is only newly arrived this sign.

The Sun’s glare burns anything close to it, to the point where another planet becomes completely invisible and its influence very much weakened. The effect is destabilising, accompanied by a sense of anxiety at being overshadowed, and in a sense ‘star-struck’, by a superior force.

Jupiter in Aries at its best gives you a spiritually assertive and pioneering approach, but here you may lack confidence in your vision and rely more on an outside authority figure. You are uncomfortable travelling or in a classroom situation, for lack of knowledge or grounding, and a risk-averse Jupiter does not give proper wisdom or protection.

Appreciate that you have a lot to learn in a new job or location, and be open about your position, rather than try to work your way through with halfway knowledge. Accept the need for modesty and take nothing for granted.

This conjunction also picks up the influence of Saturn, planet of karma and boundaries, which aggravates your feeling of restriction and dependency.

As the Sun moves away from Jupiter after April 27th, you may grow into a role, especially as a mentor or thought leader, and pick up the charisma and spontaneity this conjunction is usually famed for.

Jupiter (in Ashwini) ~ Courage in your beliefs

Jupiter, planet of belief and protection, enters pada (part) one of Ashwini, the nakshatra associated with speed, impulse and courage, on April 22nd until May 6th 2023.

Your instincts are ignited and a plan of study or travel you have weighed up over the last months suddenly becomes a top priority. Jupiter in Aries gives you a competitive streak, in terms of experience and knowledge, where you get a thrill out of being the first to visit a destination or understand a new idea.

Ashwini’s Shakti for ‘Quick Action’ sees you seizing an opportunity and moving with an intuitive certainty that leaves nobody in any doubt. Pada one of this nakshatra also relates to Aries navamsha, where it affects your relationships and general good fortune, with an experience of pure fated luck.

Jupiter vargottama is strengthened, and either you have greater confidence in your romantic chase, or your partnership becomes smoother and more harmonious. You can be assertive without compromising peace at home, and people follow your lead when you are fixed in your own mind.

The first pada of any nakshatra is also of the Dharma tendency, which shows action in accord with your highest self, and you integrate spiritual thinking into your daily routine. Jupiter is the planet of wealth, and ethical behaviour in business gives you results free of complication and with the promise of a pay rise or gain.

This transit arrives in the immediate shadow of April 20th’s Solar Eclipse and within a day of Mercury going retrograde, so a change in your philosophical outlook has an immediate impact. Your beliefs and education influence your business and personal behaviour, and your personal code evolves in response.

Any actual spiritual shift may be quite abrupt, but look back, and you will appreciate this change has been coming.

Sun, Jupiter Conjunction (in Aries) ~ Charisma and confidence

The Sun, centre of the cosmos, comes together with philosophical Jupiter in Aries from April 23rd to May 15th 2023.

These two bodies are great planetary friends, which support each other’s symbolism, and their coming together has great promise to give you confidence and charisma, especially with the Sun in its exalted sign.

Harnessing their power gives you an intuitive certainty of success, even if you cannot see the exact details, and a sense of anticipation and excitement at the start of a new project. Your keen competitive streak wants to be first to taste new experience, either job, relationship, higher knowledge or new location, but for sure something to broaden your horizons.

Jupiter brings you a wider perspective and generosity, while the Sun permeates every aspect of your life and sheds light on dark and hidden areas. Your courage and willingness to explore inspires others, and may find you in a leadership role, winning awards, or simply making yourself popular.

Take care up to April 27th, however, as Jupiter emerges from the Sun’s beams and gets through the opening degrees of a new sign and nakshatra. You have boundless energy, and a vision to overcome all petty problems, but true mastery of your subject takes time.

This transit also coincides with a Mercury retrograde phase which may see you starting a different mental direction after a burst of enthusiasm for new information. Absorb all available new thinking and stimulus, but keep your old ideas and notes for reference.

Especially if you are studying deeply, it’s better to make small adjustments than have a complete revolution. You can also channel the calming influence of karmic Saturn for real-world wisdom, and find a perfect balance of traditional and progressive.

Mercury, Jupiter Conjunction (in Aries) ~ Big vision and fine detail

Mercury, planet of thought and trade, comes together with protective, philosophical Jupiter in Aries from April 23rd to June 7th 2023.

This is an extended spell for Mercury in this sign, which takes in its retrograde arc from April 21st to May 15th, and its association with Jupiter adds a sense of innovation and pioneering new thought.

Any radical idea has a revolutionary impact, and much of this transit may be taken up by editing your previous position, and bringing yourself up to speed with the latest innovations. Your speech has an affirming confidence and certainty, where you are open and spontaneous and defy anyone to contradict you.

This may lead to a dispute or argument, but you are also generous in your outlook and willing to give credit to others for their input. Jupiter and Mercury’s conjunction is closest from May 11th up to 18th, as Mercury first slows down and then goes direct.

This point makes any radical change in your communication most noticeable, and it pays to wait before committing to a set position. Allow yourself room to manoeuvre.

Any higher academic program benefits from your fiery energy, but Mercury and Jupiter are also planetary enemies, and there is a basic trade-off between your intellect and intuition.

An authority figure may dampen your enthusiasm and demand details and a practical solution, as well as an exaggerated claim. Cool, rational Saturn in Aquarius also casts its influence on this transit, and you have to back up any abstract theories with solid evidence.

Not everything is a matter of opinion. Be careful of giving or receiving assurances, and balance your instinct to believe and gaze ahead with a ‘trust but verify’ approach.

Jupiter, Rahu Conjunction (in Aries) ~ A knowledge revolution strikes suddenly

Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, comes together with the shadow planet Rahu in Aries from April 23rd until October 30th 2023.

This transit is a combination of opposites in many ways, between the optimistic and protective influence of Jupiter, and Rahu’s dark, revolutionary and contrary nature.

The next six months promise great things for a potential promotion, financial windfall, or even sudden fame, though you examine how far you are prepared to go to fulfil your desires.

A tempting offer may involve travel, radical change, or a challenge to your belief system, and you only realize what is involved once you are committed. You encounter exotic and influential people, some of whom live outside the law, and in the process learn a lot about real-world power and politics.

Expect a compromise between the stated aims of an organization versus its actual practices, but you need not be drawn into the same kind of behaviour. Jupiter and Rahu are closest together between May 26th and June 1st, and this window in particular sees your ambitions on fire.

Aries is a friendly sign to Jupiter, where you tap into your pioneering courage, so it pays to be first and innovate where possible. Conversely, caution is advised with unpredictable Rahu, but it still pays to seize an opportunity if you have a good instinct.

You may combine Jupiter’s knowledge and belief with Rahu’s commercial skills, and become a kind of spiritual entrepreneur. This is done to bring bona-fide wisdom to a wider audience, without compromising your integrity, and should not be about any gimmick or shortcut.

The cooling influence of karmic Saturn in Aquarius on this whole transit steadies your judgement, and though you have to find a way through budgetary and ethical issues, the benefits of your work should endure for longer.

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