Mercury, planet of thought and trade, comes together with protective, philosophical Jupiter in Aries from April 23rd to June 7th 2023.

This is an extended spell for Mercury in this sign, which takes in its retrograde arc from April 21st to May 15th, and its association with Jupiter adds a sense of innovation and pioneering new thought.

Any radical idea has a revolutionary impact, and much of this transit may be taken up by editing your previous position, and bringing yourself up to speed with the latest innovations. Your speech has an affirming confidence and certainty, where you are open and spontaneous and defy anyone to contradict you.

This may lead to a dispute or argument, but you are also generous in your outlook and willing to give credit to others for their input. Jupiter and Mercury’s conjunction is closest from May 11th up to 18th, as Mercury first slows down and then goes direct.

This point makes any radical change in your communication most noticeable, and it pays to wait before committing to a set position. Allow yourself room to manoeuvre.

Any higher academic program benefits from your fiery energy, but Mercury and Jupiter are also planetary enemies, and there is a basic trade-off between your intellect and intuition.

An authority figure may dampen your enthusiasm and demand details and a practical solution, as well as an exaggerated claim. Cool, rational Saturn in Aquarius also casts its influence on this transit, and you have to back up any abstract theories with solid evidence.

Not everything is a matter of opinion. Be careful of giving or receiving assurances, and balance your instinct to believe and gaze ahead with a ‘trust but verify’ approach.

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