Saturn, planet of boundaries and karma, is in pada one of Dhanishtha from August 29th to December 14th 2022 in the Capricorn portion of this nakshatra.

Now Saturn returns over the area it covered from mid-February to mid-March of 2022, and you can expect to find an issue from that time returning into your life and demanding greater attention. A problem you have already solved may arise again, or an opportunity returns and offers even greater promise.

Either way, you can take valuable experience from earlier in the year and apply it to your situation now. Dhanishtha’s first pada rulership by Leo in the relationship and spirituality Navamsha chart, brings an underlying sense of drama to the earthy and disciplined energy of Saturn, currently strong by sign.

The subtle Sun-ruled quality here gives you a desire to perform, where you set the tempo and lead from the front. This nakshatra is famed for its association with music, and its symbol The Drum has a rhythmic pulse which accompanies your march to the top.

There may be a tension between the demand to be realistic and responsible, versus your desire for flamboyance and to put on a show. Creative flair comes from mastering your art, and this underlying self-assurance gives confidence to people who admire your style and seek to invest in you.

Dhanishtha’s Shakti, or special gift, is ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’, so there is a definite payoff to your efforts which makes lasting the course more rewarding. Saturn begins this transit in retrograde motion, then goes direct by October 23rd, which signifies you turning a major corner.

You either cut your losses and move on from an environment which has given all its potential, or double-down on your ambitions and see a project through to the very end. 

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