The Sun, centre of the cosmos, comes together with philosophical Jupiter in Aries from April 23rd to May 15th 2023.

These two bodies are great planetary friends, which support each other’s symbolism, and their coming together has great promise to give you confidence and charisma, especially with the Sun in its exalted sign.

Harnessing their power gives you an intuitive certainty of success, even if you cannot see the exact details, and a sense of anticipation and excitement at the start of a new project. Your keen competitive streak wants to be first to taste new experience, either job, relationship, higher knowledge or new location, but for sure something to broaden your horizons.

Jupiter brings you a wider perspective and generosity, while the Sun permeates every aspect of your life and sheds light on dark and hidden areas. Your courage and willingness to explore inspires others, and may find you in a leadership role, winning awards, or simply making yourself popular.

Take care up to April 27th, however, as Jupiter emerges from the Sun’s beams and gets through the opening degrees of a new sign and nakshatra. You have boundless energy, and a vision to overcome all petty problems, but true mastery of your subject takes time.

This transit also coincides with a Mercury retrograde phase which may see you starting a different mental direction after a burst of enthusiasm for new information. Absorb all available new thinking and stimulus, but keep your old ideas and notes for reference.

Especially if you are studying deeply, it’s better to make small adjustments than have a complete revolution. You can also channel the calming influence of karmic Saturn for real-world wisdom, and find a perfect balance of traditional and progressive.

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