Mercury, planet of thought and commerce, is retrograde in Leo between August 23rd and September 15th 2023.

This is a medium-length Mercury retro period, where your ideas and communication have a reset, and you may expect delays or confusion in reaching an agreement. You have a confident, even rather theatrical style of speech, but going back over your recent work or business deals, you think about things differently.

Check out all your technology and back up your data – this window is notorious for technical hitches, and you learn a lot about your transport, machinery and delivery systems. Leave longer to travel and keep your mind open about a last-minute change of destination.

This is an excellent time for research and understanding a particular market, but it’s better to wait before making a big buy – a deal that isn’t available in the moment may appear once Mercury goes direct. The influence of philosophical Jupiter on Mercury gives you an extra-curious and questing outlook, which benefits from an academic or spiritual approach.

A surge of enthusiasm comes with learning new information and you raise your sights to a level or world-view that was hidden or difficult before.

You may switch your main subject of study – but make sure your second choice is sound, or you end up changing back again. Venus, planet of relating, is also retrograde up to September 4th and an old friend may give you a romantic decision, or at least make you work harder at keeping in touch.

This transit focuses a lot on business and people from the past, and gives you great insight into your relationships today.

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