Venus, planet of love and art, enters Bharani in the zodiacal sign of Aries on April 20th until May 1st 2021.

Bharani has an archetypal feminine quality, and its name means ‘she who bears’, while its symbol of a vulva, associates with giving birth – either physically, or as in spawning plans and creative ideas.

There is a motherly quality to this asterism where you show a flair for catering and hospitality, and may be looking after people or taking a maternal role in a job or business. It’s worth giving your partners breathing space and not being too overpowering in your affections, even though close attention sits naturally with Venus’s caring and sharing nature.

Bharani’s Shakti is ‘the power to carry things away’, in the sense of a spiritual transformation or an experience where you remove a quality, or perhaps even a person, from your life. The initial separation may be a difficult experience, even if you initiate it, so it pays not to be too impulsive or to get ‘carried away’ with the moment.

This nakshatra’s ruler is Yama, Lord of Death, which affirms its transformational energy – you may have to let one project, professional or artistic, go before starting on another, or else achieving your goals eliminates the desire and lets you move on feeling freer. You can also take the initiative, with a drive for achievements and ambition, and create plans on the way to success. Expect some romantic intrigue, or else find that someone – maybe you – is trying to make a conquest.

Venus is also pressed between the twin malefics, Mars and Rahu, through this transit, and you may be attracted to sudden risk or someone outside your usual type. This fascination is exciting but might be short-lived, so be careful of getting into a compromising situation

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