Venus, planet of art and relationship, is in Cancer-Ashlesha from September 16th to 28th.

This sign and nakshatra are part of the feeling, watery element, and while Venus pays attention to domestic matters and shows maternal-type affection, Ashlesha is a very intense portion of this sign. 

The nakshatra symbol is a coiled serpent, in particular its potent and hypnotic eyes, while its rulers are The Nagas, the divine shape-shifting race of cobras, which are equal parts venomous and protective. Ashlesha is known as the Clinging Star, so your affections here are intense and tenacious, and you may experience possessive love, both your own and from another person. 

Venus here gives great insight into character and potential for cunning manoeuvres – knowing how to probe for peoples’ weaknesses and baiting the hook to get what you want. You may encounter all these qualities in your dealings, along with secret romantic liaisons, sexual jealousy, and psychological game-playing. 

Ashlesha’s Shakti is ‘the power to inject venom’, so be careful of the toxic energy that comes from a partner or an ex’ perhaps who feels slighted or rejected, and be aware also of straying into someone else’s romanticism territory. If you receive attention or flattery, check the motivation is sincere, and also be wary of those cultivating your association for political advantage. Yet the Ashlesha serpent is also wise and Sattvic, and you find worldly people with knowledge to share, or even a brief severe lesson that destroys and old illusion yet makes you stronger. 

Venus receives the attention of both Mars and Saturn during this transit, so you have to work hard at relating, and strike a balance between being proactive in love and keeping a relationship going for the long term.

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