Mercury, planet of thought and business, is in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni, spanning the signs of Leo and Virgo from September 29th to October 7th 2023.

This transit is a repeat of Mercury’s position in the second half of August this year, as the planet entered its retrograde phase, so you may now be dealing with unfinished business or finally making a decision that has seen extra research and thought.

If you have been back and forwards over an issue this summer, you are finally arrived in a safer place to commit. Uttara’s symbol of a Hammock suggests its leisurely style, and its Shakti for ‘Prosperity through Partnership’, gives you the promise to strike commercial relationships and pool your talents in a joint effort.

An alliance starts on a simple friendly level but you may spot the chance to work together and support each other’s interests. This cooperation leads to a share of a larger overall profit. There is a friendly and flirtatious quality to your thought and speech in this nakshatra, which in the right place can be a big help.

Resist your desire simply to be laid-back and fun-loving, however, and you can do excellent work as an advisor or counsellor, both in healing and business. This transit begins with the Full Moon on September 29th, where you may be acting from an emotional place, but bring a heart and empathy into your decision-making.

Mercury is strengthened as it moves into its own sign of Virgo by October 1st, and you have a fine mixture of mental clarity and practical know-how.

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