Jupiter-Guru, planet of faith and philosophy, is retrograde in the second pada of Dhanishtha from Sept 14th to Nov 20th 2021, the portion of the nakshatra within the sign of Capricorn.

This is the same area Jupiter transited between late March and early April this year, and events from that time may come around again and echo their message. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, so this transit may find you retreating into a more conservative mindset, rather than looking to endless horizons in typical Jupiterian fashion.

You seek to consolidate and learn from past experience, but be careful of taking the safety-first attitude too far: Jupiter rewards you for optimism and adventure, or at least sticking with your beliefs and trusting in the world to have your back.

Pada two of Dhanishtha relates to Virgo in the relationship and spirituality Navamsha chart, which brings an underlying analytical and discriminating quality to your Capricorn common-sense. This Mercury-ruled sub-sign is still not the most comfortable home for Jupiter, but it sees you thinking carefully and adding detail to your broad-ranging knowledge.

You have the perfect opportunity to make some changes to a book, study or media project, where you rethink the whole matter and apply new-found worldly wisdom. Dhanishtha’s Shakti, or special gift, is also ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’, so a business or career option comes around again and now you commit to the deal.

Dhanishtha is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, which are the auspicious wealth-givers in Vedic mythology, so with Mercury ruling commerce and Jupiter ruling wealth, this transit holds real promise.

Jupiter also casts its influence on to combative Mars until October 21st, which gives you a boost of energy, plus the courage to break out of your boundaries and take a calculated risk.

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