Mars, planet of competition and assertion, enters the nakshatra of Hasta in the sign of Virgo from September 21st to October 11th 2021.

Hasta is known as the Star of Manifestation, whose special power ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’ makes this an excellent time for crafts and handiwork, where Mars gives you great drive and desire. Hasta’s symbol is the Hand, which may also represent a fist to punch through obstacles and go to war for your beliefs.

This is the least-subtle approach of course, so be sure you are fighting on the right side and know where you stand. This nakshatra is also known for trickery and cleverness, if not outright deception, and you may be drawn into a dispute where one side is using intrigue and keeping a ‘closed-handed’ attitude.

The earthy, practical spirit in this transit gets you to your ideal place through routine and repetition, and keeps you ahead of your rivals. As Mars’s energy combines with Hasta’s skilful and versatile nature, you have great potential, and actualize practical results in your daily round.

This asterism is ruled by Savitri, the Sun, which adds a sense of drama and creativity where you take pride in your work and love to be noticed. You can be the centre of attention but do best when you have something sound to hang your claims on.

Mars also picks up the influence of adventurous Jupiter through this transit and its strength is further lifted until September 22nd by clever Mercury also in Virgo.

Your courage and optimism combines with a painstaking attention to detail, and you also do well campaigning and doing media work for an idealistic cause.

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