Mercury, planet of communication, is in Punarvasu, across the signs of Gemini and Cancer, from July 20th until 27th.

Punarvasu’s symbol is a Quiver of Arrows, which is associated with a long-distance vision, and Mercury sends your thought-arrows towards their target. The Quiver is symbolic of home and replenishment, so your mental focus is on providing security and peace, where you rest and prepare for the future.

This involves writing, communicating and sharing knowledge and all with a long-term ambition in mind, and you may become a guru figure in your own right. This asterism is ruled by Aditi, the boundless Vedic sky goddess so as well as your search for deals and abundance you can also look within for security and self-sufficiency.

You are either chasing a distant horizon, or else are satisfied with very little, and you remain amiable and open, even when you view ideas in a different light to other people. There is a philosophical quality to your thinking, and seeing the big picture gives you extra energy and enthusiasm for your work.

Your imagination is on fire, and in addition to your regular speech and writing, you may try fiction or poetry with an artistic or escapist quality. The Shakti, or special power, of Punarvasu is ‘To Acquire Wealth’, and Mercury is the planet of commerce, so you can make contacts and strike a good deal as you chase your flying arrows.

Up to July 26th, Mercury is pinned between the harsh Sun and shadowy Rahu, so you may feel you are speaking truths others don’t wish to hear. Choose your words carefully and you get credit for your honesty and being of independent mind.

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