We live in a complicated world, and there are definitely times when all of us need a little pick-me-up. Though they often go unnoticed, it’s the little things in which we discover life’s beauty – the giggle of a baby, a glimpse of a heart-shaped cloud, that sweet first bite of dessert, or the loving gaze of a furry friend.

Similarly, our happiness often stems from our ability to mindfully embrace simple rituals which, though appearing small, can contribute hugely to our happiness. Here are five things you can do to bring some happiness to your day.

Do Something New

We can all be creatures of habit, sticking to the places, people and perspectives we are comfortable with. But when you step out of that routine and do something different and unrelated you open yourself up to new experiences and learnings which in itself brings satisfaction. So why not take that dance class you’ve been considering for the past few months, visit somewhere you’ve never been, take a new route home from work, or book in to learn the language you’re keen to study. You can even check out the Find Dates section of align27 to choose an astrologically powerful day for you to begin your new learning. Watch how it feels when you step out of your day to day norms and choose to do something new.

Recharge in your Downtime

Balance between work, rest and play is a must. If you are one of those people that physically needs to be peeled away from your laptop, then use your ‘Relax’ moments as a reminder to take a break!  According to the Panchapakshi scriptures, founded by ancient Tamil saints, we are all assigned a particular Pakshi (bird) and at any given moment that bird is doing a particular activity. In the align27 app Succeed is the most positive activity and Caution is the most negative activity. At the start of your day, take a look at align27 to see when your Panchapakshi bird is in ‘Relax’, and keep that time free for a recharge. Maybe get your headphones on, take a gentle walk, and listen to that uplifting podcast or favorite tune. The combination of movement, fresh air and inspiring content will definitely leave you feeling more happy and alive. We all need to refresh our energy so we can operate at our best – so if your bird is taking some time out, consider joining it.

Follow the Flavor of your Day

Doesn’t it feel great when you find yourself in the right place at the right time? So how about if you could do the right thing at the right time? Due to the planetary influences, some days are naturally great for creative pursuits whereas others are more suitable for strategic planning or administration. Some days suit beginnings and initiations, others – completions and endings. You can find out your favorable and unfavorable activities for each day in the horoscope section of the align27 app. Choosing your activities based on the energy of the day helps you excel in that activity. Though the effect of this may not be immediate, let’s face it – when you get in the zone and your to-do list is getting ticked off, it does bring a sense of achievement and happiness.

Choose Gratitude

Our mind’s tendency is to focus on the things that are going wrong, even when there’s plenty going right. Noticing when this happens and consciously choosing to bring your attention to the positive rather than the difficulties – and to what you have, rather than what you lack – can bring a shift in you. There is always something to feel grateful for, and often there are things which are hugely important to us, but we may take for granted. Bring these things, situations and people to your attention and notice that there is an expansion and openness that happens in your body when you feel grateful. When we express gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions and they make us feel ‘good’. They enhance our mood immediately, making us feel happy from the inside.


The surest way to drop stress and connect with your inner core of happiness and calm, is through meditation. Numerous scientific studies have shown that meditation increases our ability to cope with stressful situations, and shrinks the portion of the brain connected with anxiety, hence making you more chilled, and more happy. On the Sattva Meditation and Mantras app there are guided meditations of between 5 and 30 minutes, so however much time you have you can find a quiet corner, plug yourself in and relax. Remember, your silence moments in align27 are the perfect time to do this.

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