Venus, planet of love and art, is in Uttara Bhadrapada, in the sign of Pisces, from April 30th to May 12th, the nakshatra whose name literally means ‘beautiful left foot’.

This is a benevolent and spiritual zone whose symbol is the back legs of a bed, and Venus in its exaltation sign here gives you an imaginative and expressive quality. You find great sensitivity and empathy in relationship, and exercise your powers of belief by showing faith in someone that has a great transforming effect.

Set them a vision to aspire to and watch what happens. Uttara is ruled by Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the waters, which favours getting into deep sharing and immersion in your meditation – this deity is often identified with the kundalini ‘serpent’ energy at the base of the spine, which is raised during intense yoga practice.

You can share a moment with someone if you meditate and reflect together, and may uncannily detect each other’s thoughts and feelings. Uttara’s Shakti, or special power, is for ‘Bringing Rain’ in the sense of stimulating new ideas and growth, which links to abundance and luxury – all issues close to Venus’s heart.

You have a flair for creativity and design too, and are happy to spend the extra when it means working with the finest quality materials. Subtle and insightful, you are slow to anger, and know how to sweeten your message and put a proposal over successfully.

Venus is squeezed between pushy Mars and exotic Rahu in this transit, which may take all your diplomatic faith to work around, or else you become a peace-maker in someone else’s argument. You are also attracted to an unusual partner and enjoy a date in a setting completely out of the ordinary.

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