Venus, planet of art and attraction, comes together with Mars, planet of energy and drive, in Gemini, from May 3rd to 10th 2023.

Venus in the nakshatra of Punarvasu, is at the opposite end of Gemini to Mars in Mrigashira, but the two share Mercury-ruled qualities of curiosity and friendliness, and a love of wit and humour. This transit is an archetypal pairing, between the planets of love and war, male and female, which together have a big impact on all your relationships.

Still, Venus and Mars are also planetary enemies, where your need to assert yourself is often at odds with your desire for peace and harmony. Your Mars side can be pushy or overbearing, while it’s Venus’s style to resort to romantic games or flirting, and friction and confusion results over what level you are relating on.

Gemini’s mental energy may suit Venus better in this case, where you bond over ideas and shared interests, but Mars is also in a powerful sign-exchange with Gemini’s ruler Mercury up to May 10th. This sees you channel your energy into conversation, and fight a shared battle alongside a partner.

Your need for company and closeness is keener than usual, and you may initiate a meeting, or ask somebody for a date, rather than sit around and wait for them to decide. You pick up the phone impulsively, but try to put some thought in first.

Also, be prepared for others to make sudden demands of you, even though rushing into a romantic liaison may not be the best idea. This is also a transit to stimulate art and creativity, where you have excellent ideas and make clever use of media to reach a wider audience.

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