Venus, planet of love and art, comes together with expansive and protective Jupiter from February 15th to March 12th 2023, in Pisces, where both planets are strong.

This outstanding combination comes about only every twelve years and brings great potential for new romantic interest, healing in relationship, and the power to transform somebody you love by sheer belief.

Venus in Pisces is sensitive and romantic to the highest degree, where you sense your partner’s potential and give them a shining ideal to live up to. You see others not so much as flesh and blood, but as a vision, in colours and etheric light, and either succeed in manifesting this miracle or need to adjust sharply to the real world.

The fusion of Venus’s sociable nature with Jupiter’s grand confidence makes you open and affectionate, and you may meet somebody over a shared interest in study and philosophy. Generally, this transit makes you popular in company.

Venus and Jupiter are planetary enemies, however, one being the Guru of the Asuras/demons and the other Guru of the Devas/gods – a combination which may bring a conflict of values into your love life. You meet somebody attractive and charming, but from a quite different background, and the cultural clash is hard to overcome.

It may also be hard to focus on only one person at this time, with a lot of temptation on offer, and it’s as well not to take your present partner for granted. Venus and Jupiter are also surrounded by the harsh influences of Rahu and Saturn through this transit, and require all your powers of faith.

But you appear wise and attractive when you maintain your romantic belief, even when others doubt you.

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