Mercury, planet of communication and intellect, is in Ashwini in the sign of Aries from May 8th to 21st 2023.

This transit takes in Mercury’s retrograde phase up to May 15th, where it returns to the area it moved through from late March to early April this year, and you revisit a recent issue or decision.

Ashwini’s Shakti, or special power, for Quick Action, shows speed of thought, and altogether Mercury’s extended stay in this nakshatra gives you more time to address a particular issue. An instant call may have been necessary before, and now you are dealing with the consequences or rewards, and have an opportunity to fine-tune the details.

Either inspired by a new idea, or pushed by a deadline, you are brave and speak out against a popular opinion or belief, without fear. Use impulsive speech to your advantage, and you know intuitively how to get business done, even at the risk of an argument. Safe options have no appeal for you now.

As well as fiery speech, Ashwini is known for its fine personal qualities, and you can be wise and measured, with diplomatic skills to balance all options. People appreciate your straightforward talk, as long as you keep it civilized – personal charm carries you a long way, and friends like being around your can-do mentality.

This nakshatra is lorded by the Ashvini Kumaras, the divine physicians, so this transit also has an association with medicine and taking care of people, which for Mercury may involve studying or learning more about your healing art. If possible, wait until after May 15th to have all the information at your fingertips.

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