Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, is in the nakshatra of Krittika across the signs of Aries and Taurus from May 29th to June 5th, 2024.

Krittika’s symbol of a Flame or a Razor is ruled by Agni, the Sacred Fire, and its energy gives you mental zest, passion and spontaneity. You put your plans through a period of fiery scrutiny where only the best and most profitable ideas remain.

Sharp discrimination is excellent for research and development, where you cut away external information and get to the heart of the matter. Insight comes from clearing away obstacles and trusting your intuition gives you an advantage in business, as well as psychology and divination.

Krittika’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Burn’ suggests sharp, stinging words, but also a kind of mental purification where you get an important matter off your chest. A fiery statement or debate sees provocative words exchanged, and an issue comes out into the open.

Mercury is ideal for letter-writing and campaigning or speaking up publicly for an idea you believe in. From June 1st Mercury in the Taurus portion of this asterism gives your ideas practical form, and Krittika’s connection to digestive fire sees you absorbing information and ‘mind food’.

Mercury coming together with philosophical Jupiter at this point gives you a broader outlook, though you are still concerned with practical answers in the real world. You have a lively sense of humour and enjoy the company of anyone who makes you laugh.

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