Ketu, the Moon’s South Node and planet of spirituality and imagination, is in Swati pada four within the sign of Libra from October 18th to Dec 19th.

This nakshatra is governed by Vayu, the Wind God, known for intelligence, knowledge and the voice, and gives you an affinity for philosophy and academia. Pada four of this asterism relates to Pisces in the underlying navamsha chart of marriage and good fortune, so there is a strong Venus-influenced romantic flavour to your studies.

You may give a partner wonderful qualities and picture them in an idealized light, or wish to rescue somebody and sense you can transform them. There is an element of truth to this belief, but try to stay grounded, or you simply end up in a situation that never changes.

Swati’s fine qualities of education and memory can also be channelled into a creative path, where you combine the best of intellect and intuition. Trust your gut instinct.

This nakshatra is linked to Saraswati, devata of wisdom and the arts, and study and meditation has great promise, where you go beyond the mundane and material, and become a truly learned person.

Swati’s Shakti, or unique gift, ‘the power to disperse like the wind’, plays into your diverse and versatile approach, with varied talents competing to be brought to life. Try to keep focused, however, and don’t let your energy become too scattered.

Ketu itself has an energetic, though unfocused, quality which it is vital to organize and you do better with a set approach that crosses your projects off one by one.

Ketu is also transiting with powerful Venus in Libra until November 12th, which enhances your creativity and personal charm, and a spiritual or unusual person may arrive in your life as if by fate.

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