Jupiter, planet of faith and philosophy, is in pada four of Uttara Bhadrapada from July 1st 2022, in the sign of Pisces.

Uttara is a good-natured nakshatra associated with renunciation and a good-education, and is known for clear speech and sharing knowledge – qualities which all sit perfectly with Jupiter’s basic nature. Pada four relates to Scorpio navamasha, the relationship and good fortune chart, ruled by Mars, which adds an intense and driven side to your quest for meaning.

Mars’s subtle influence gives you energy and courage, with a desire to be first and prove your strength and endurance. Jupiter in Pisces has great reserves of faith, where you can sense a person’s potential even more than they do themselves.

This empathic gift taken to extremes may be rather self-sacrificing, as you give openly of yourself and offer someone a vision to live up to. The underlying Scorpio side of this pada balances this tendency and sees you cut through emotions and obstacles and get to the truth.

You can crusade for a group or belief, and be tough, even ruthless in your quest, so make sure you keep your pursuit of knowledge within bounds. Uttara’s ruler Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the depths, is known for a mystical transformation that reinvigorates any area of your chart it touches with new promise.

The Shakti, or special gift of this nakshatra, ‘Bringing the Cosmic Rain’, also enhances Jupiter’s generosity and favours growth and fertility. Up to July 13th, Jupiter is surrounded in signs between the harsh influences of Mars and Saturn, when your blind belief may seem rather naïve in the face of a real-world challenge.

Keep the faith: you have the power to overcome doubts and questions, and get all the more credit when your vision of the future proves correct.

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