Mercury in Ardra ~ Put contradictions into words

Mercury, the planet of thought and speech, enters Ardra nakshatra in the sign of Gemini from June 17th to 24th, 2024.

Ardra’s symbol of a Teardrop gives your thoughts greater complexity and a more emotional style of expression than is usually associated with the airy, witty Gemini. Mercury is strong in this analytical sign, but you also have empathy for people’s experiences, and discussing ideas or just simple conversation has a strong sentimental undertone.

One minute you are completely clear and rational, the next overwhelmed with emotion, and the slightest trigger can tip your feelings over. Ardra’s ruler, Rudra, symbolizes your inner weather, where storms and psychic upheaval are virtually the norm, but appreciate that your changeable mentality can confuse some people.

Venus in Ardra ~ Unexpected depth and contradiction in your relationship

Venus, a planet of art and relating, enters Ardra in the sign of Gemini from June 18th to 28th, 2024. This intense and emotional asterism’s style is in sharp contrast to Gemini’s familiar bubbly, airy style, and you encounter unexpected depth and contradiction in your relationship. You like to joke, flirt, and keep things light but also show an underlying thoughtful and intense side, best shared with a partner who relates to all these qualities.

Ardra’s ruler, Rudra, the Storm God, brings symbolic rain in the form of a sentimental outburst, which arrives after a period of strength and containment. Getting close to someone sees you opening your feelings, and moving through an awkward phase which afterwards leaves you feeling inwardly lighter.

Sun in Ardra ~ An emotional monsoon

Sun, the planet of soul and self-expression, travels through Ardra within the sign of Gemini from June 21st to July 5th. This nakshatra’s nature is sharply different from the traditional light, bubbly Gemini image, and takes you into deeper territory where your intuition comes into play. The Sun engages in a symbolic battle wherever it moves, illuminating areas of life that many people prefer not to face.

You may feel inwardly flooded, or at least pulled between great extremes of feeling—initially cool and detached, then intense and highly strung. You are overwhelmed by powerful emotions, before emerging feeling lighter and easier.

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