Venus, planet of love and the arts, is in Purva Bhadrapada from March 23rd to April 3rd 2024, the nakshatra stretching across the signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

Purva’s Shakti, or unique gift, to ‘raise the spiritual fire’ shows purging and cleansing, and Venus sees you breaking away from the past and releasing old emotional baggage. You may confront a tricky situation with your partner, or relate on a different understanding, but either way you may face a kind of reckoning, or romantic wakeup call.

Purva’s deity is Ajaikapada, an aspect of Rudra the Storm God, which here is a fire-storm in the sense of making a sacrifice, but be careful of putting your partner’s needs completely above your own.

This is an active and warrior-caste (kshatriya) asterism, which needs positive action to bring out its finest qualities, and passion and inner fire all come into the picture.

Purva is also represented by a two-faced person, so take care if you are told one thing, when you suspect something else is going on behind the scenes. You are diplomatic and politically astute, but may have to let a pointed comment or action pass in your dealings, without being fooled.

This transit also inspires your creativity, as you look into complex themes around the darker and edgier side of life. Venus moves alongside passionate Mars up to March 31st, when you relate to people boldly and directly.

You seize an opportunity that is only around for a short moment, and reach out to someone who may otherwise slip away. By April 1st, Venus takes on a softer romantic aura, where you hold attention by being a good listener and knowing how to reflect your partner back to them.

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