Saturn, planet of boundaries and karma, is pada (part) three of Shatabhishak, from February 10 to Mar 8 2024.

This is new ground for Saturn in Aquarius, as it breaks out of the area it covered in 2023 and pushes further into this sign. You have consolidated your building work of the last twelve months and new horizons open up, even if slowly, and there’s great promise for business and politics.

This pada also relates to Aquarius navamsha, the chart of marriage and good fortune, which gives Saturn extra strength and stability with vargottama status. You combine a gift for ambition and organization with a vision you are prepared to wait and work for.

If a revolution arises, you are in the forefront of efforts to create a new structure in your life, and even the world at large. This nakshatra’s Shakti or special quality, for Healing, makes wellness and lifestyle the broad background, where you may be taking long-term decisions or are perhaps on the long road to recovery.

Shatabhishak’s symbol of an empty circle or horizon also has a mystical quality, though a strong Saturn combines any abstract idea with tradition and practicality. You are disciplined about your own wellbeing and last the course with a new diet or regime that otherwise might not stick.

Saturn being squeezed between the harsh influences of Mars and Rahu through this whole transit, may see your long-term goals frustrated and you having to work extra hard. Prepare to take criticism if your initial choices go outside the box, or else you are the one defending a tradition against efforts to tear it down.

A reward will come at the end when you stick to your principles.

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