Ketu, shadow planet of spirituality and renunciation, enters the fourth pada of Jyeshta in the sign of Scorpio on September 23rd. This is a major shift for the South Node, after eighteen eventful months in Sagittarius, it moves into quiet, intense Scorpio and brings its transformative energy into a new section of your chart. 

Ketu transits into the asterism of The Elder, ruled by Indra, King of the Gods, which gives you spiritual wisdom and authority both at home and at work. Ketu is also a significator of eclipses, so you will find sudden changes arriving in your Scorpio area, a process that leads you to discover what and who you can manage without. 

The fourth segment of Jyeshta falls in Pisces navamsha – the chart of relationship and underlying strength – and gives extra potential power to otherworldly Ketu. The South Node has some affinity with this Jupiter-ruled sign in terms of imagination and self-denial, and sees you achieving your goals in a subtle and mystical way. Use your instincts and intuition, and if you have a strong hunch, the chances are it is correct. 

Jyeshta’s symbol of the Umbrella also shows a spiritual level of protection which you get by meditation and chanting, and an inner experience may arrive that is hard to explain. With such a strong Jupiterian influence you can coast to some degree, so it is vital not to be complacent – you must still work for your ambitions and desires. 

The relationship side of this transit is important too and you can have a powerful transforming effect on your partner when you believe in them. Jyeshta’s Shakti or special gift, is for Courage in Battle, so as well as empathy and insight you have the stomach for a fight and can stand up for your beliefs.

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