Venus, planet of love and luxury, is in Ashlesha in the sign of Cancer, from August 07 to October 1st 2023.

This is a return into the Serpent Nakshatra, for Venus, where it was from mid-June to early July this year, and your romantic life finds closure, or perhaps added intrigue, in an experience you had at that time. Moving slowly at first after its retrograde phase up to September 4th, Venus now spends an extended spell in in this domain and grounds the issues associated with it.

Ashlesha is ruled by The Nagas, a race of divine shape-shifting cobras, which give you symbolic insight into character, as you suspect all kinds of hidden motives and secret romantic liaisons. Be wary of anyone trying to get close to you for their own agendas, and check their motivation if you receive unexpected attention or flattery.

You have reserves of sympathy and protectiveness, and may find people coming to you for insight and real-world wisdom, and you are also drawn to mysterious and secretive personalities. You may even be this kind of target for somebody else, and exercise a powerful, hypnotic fascination of your own.

Ashlesha is known as The Clinging Star, so though your affections are intense and tenacious, try not to let your romantic style become needy or possessive. The Shakti, or special power, here ‘To Inject Venom’, sees a stinging or biting experience that reminds you to keep away from toxic atmospheres.

September 10th until 12th brings an easier and more sociable mood, which would be a good opportunity for a party or celebration.

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